111. Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive with Cross Current plus Wet Notes news, information, and commentary

There is a new die off of sea urchins in the Caribbean. This latest event impacting diadema antillarum started in February in the Virgin Islands and has since spread as far west as Jamaica. Efforts are ongoing to find the cause and try to restore these gardeners of the sea.

Shearwater Research has recently announced the release of two new editions of their Peregrine recreational dive computer. These two new versions are the Peregrine Adventure Lite and the Peregrine Adventure Dark.

REEF is conducting another webinar as part of the Oceans for All series. Join them for Exploring Diver’s Experiences in Marine Conservation on May 24, 2023 at 8 PM with this fantastic panel.

The latest Journal of Diving History from the Historical Diving Society had an article about the inspiration for the HDS Explorer Mission that occurred May 8 – 12, 2023, the 1995 Scott Carpenter Man in the Sea (MITS) program.

Scuba Diving Magazines latest edition is their liveaboard edition. It also reviews some great options for both travel and boat bags.


Recently we received a notice from one our vendors indicating that they had a deal on purchasing a regulator package. If we purchased a specific first and second stage, we would get the octopus at a discounted rate. Sounds like a good deal. Well, this vendor also sells direct to consumers and they offered a different deal. If the consumer purchases the same first and second stage, they would get the octopus for free. It seems like local dive shops are in direct competition with the very same vendors that we invest in as full service dealers. As more and more local dive shops face this type of competition, it will be difficult to continue to operate. We will become extinct.

In this installment of Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive we head back to season 3 for episode 19 titled Cross Current. In this episode Mike is headed to the Caribbean to help a scientist, Sherry Bishop. When Mike arrives Sherry is missing. He battles a strong underwater current as he searches for Sherry. Mike ultimately finds her but must figure out how to get her back.