Scuba Shack Radio is an informative bi-weekly podcast covering topics of interest for scuba divers, ocean enthusiasts, and those committed to protecting our ocean environment.

Scuba Shack Radio was created in support of Scuba Shack’s mission to empower individuals with the knowledge, ability and experience to venture underwater in pursuit of their aspirations and to advocate for ocean health and sustainability. By providing news, interesting information related to scuba diving, the underwater world and how to protect our ocean environment I hope to provide a service that helps make a difference.

Hosted by Jeff Cinciripino – owner of Scuba Shack in Rocky Hill, CT. Jeff got into scuba diving later in life and together with his wife Donna and Matthew, they’ve been non stop with diving since 2004. Jeff is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor and together with Donna (PADI Divemaster) and Matt (PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor), they purchased Scuba Shack in 2017 along with their partner PADI Course Director Monty Fitzpatrick.