110. An update on the DEMA Diver Behavioral Research Project plus Wet Notes, new, information and commentary

If you like the Florida Keys, then check out floridakeystv.com. You will get your fix of the Keys with globally streamed videos about all aspects of the Conch Republic.

The Q4 2022 new diver certification statistics are out. The downward trend continues. We still are trying to understand the long-term impacts of the pandemic.

Stoney Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD) continues to spread. It is now impacting Bonaire. But there is good news in the battle with this bacterial pathogen – a probiotic treatment that stops or slows the spread.

If you are a dive watch junkie, check out the top five dive watches for 2023 according to Deeper Blue. They are the Citizen Promaster Aquaplaned, the Casio MDV106 dive watch, the Casio Frogman, the SDC Black Tip Ocean Rider and the Rolex Submariner.


New divers continue to enter the ranks every year but do these new divers stay engaged. Do they get out and dive? We stress the importance of more training and classes. Is this the right approach or should we be getting them out there diving first?

The Dive Equipment and Marketing Association conducted a diver behavioral research project in late 2022. The results were recently published and give us some insight into our industry. Listen for some of the details from the survey.