141. Complacency in diving or something else?

It seems that we are using the term complacency to talk about various incidents or accidents in scuba diving. Is it really complacency or is is something else. Are divers being careless, irresponsible or reckless. As scuba divers we know the inherent risks of entering this incredible environment. So when we don’t take the appropriate action to minimize this risk are we really being complacent.


Wet Notes updates include –

  • Amazon plans to end use of plastic pillows in North America
  • Iceland continues to allow whale hunting
  • DEMA hosted a webinar on lobbying efforts for the scuba industry
  • Treasure hunters in Florida find 214 coins and artifacts from 1715 shipwrecks
  • Scuba divers find 25 kilos of cocaine while doing reef cleanup in Key Large
  • REEFest 2024 is now open for registration
  • Coming in July a new three part series from Brian Skerry – Sea Change – The Gulf of Maine