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36. A special interview with Amy Lee from REEF

Amy Lee is REEF’s (Reef Environmental Education Foundation) Engagement and Communications Manager. In this episode I had a chance to catch up with Amy and chat a little about her background, her work at REEF, her recognition as the 2019 DEMA Wavemaker and some of her favorite dive destinations. Amy has been with REEF since … Continue reading 36. A special interview with Amy Lee from REEF

Scuba Shack Radio #3 – 4-14-19

In this episode we discuss a visit to REEF HQ in Key Largo, Hakai Magazine, an update on Plastic Bank During our recent dive shop trip to Key Largo, we conducted a PADI Fish Identification course in conjunction with REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation).  Our visit to REEF included an introduction, lecture on the various … Continue reading Scuba Shack Radio #3 – 4-14-19