88. What are the top 10 single-use plastic polluters – find out more plus Wet Notes news and information update

Plastic Free July is a global initiative started in Western Australia in 2011. It is easy to participate. Just pick one plastic item to avoid in July and beyond.

REEF is conducting a Fishinar titled Adventures under the Blue Heron Bridge. This is an absolutely amazing shore dive and you can find many unique species at the bridge.

Did you know that you can buy a wallet or sneakers made from lionfish leather? Inversa is producing leather made from lionfish skin.

The Great Shark Snapshot is just around the corner. The Shark Trust is asking that divers record all sightings of sharks, rays, and skates between July 24 and 31, 2022.

PADI Club is sponsoring an exclusive trip to the Florida Keys for club members. The trip runs between September 3 through 9. You’ll make your way from Key Largo to Key West. The trip is limited to 60 club members.

The Atlantic Right Whales are staying in Cape Cod Bay 18 days longer than in the past. This presents some challenges with increased boat traffic as well as lobster fishing.

Single-use plastic accounts for about 40% of all plastic produced. Used once, these pollutants enter our environment. Here are the top 10 single-use plastics according to the World Wildlife Fund from Australia:

  1. Plastic straws
  2. Plastic drink stirrers
  3. Plastic balloons and balloon sticks
  4. Plastic cotton buds (cue-tips)
  5. Coffee cups
  6. Coffee cup lids
  7. Plastic cutlery
  8. Plastic drink cups
  9. Take out food containers
  10. Plastic disposable plates