87. Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive takes us to season 4 for a Confidential Mission plus Wet Notes News and Information Update

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) is sponsoring a diving scholarship – the NextGen Scholarship. The deadline for this program is July 1. Listen for more information on the specifics of the entry requirements and the benefits offered by this scholarship.

The Crown of Thorns starfish can cause havoc on the reef. Now there is a simple solution for controlling the predator – kitchen vinegar. Seems it is effective without causing adverse impacts.

A tech diving team – Darkstar recently completed an expedition to the WW I wreck of the SS Libourne. The ship was sunk by a German U-Boat in 1918. The Libourne was carrying a unique cargo. Listen for more details.

REEF is having their 13th annual Florida Key Lionfish Derby and Festival this September. Early bird registration ends August 9th.

Scuba Diver Destinations – a publication from the Scuba Diver brand was introduced in 2019 to serve the US and Canada markets. With that in mind, the magazine is being rebranded as Scuba Diver North America.

In this installment of Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive I review a season 4 episode titled Confidential Mission. In this episode, Mike is on a secret mission for the government to try and get pictures of an underwater missile system being installed just off the coast of a Caribbean island. Mike gets into an underwater fight with two bad divers, gets away and tosses a grenade at them. But there is more. Check out Confidential Mission here on Scuba Shack Radio.