81. Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive takes us to Season 2 for The Dam plus Wet Notes News and Information Update

REEF has announce their 2023 REEF Survey Trips – they have 16 planned trips on the calendar.

Divers Alert Network (DAN) is now offering two levels of memberships starting in 2022. You can choose either Regular or Enhanced Membership. Listen for more details.

California Diving News is back in publication. After a 2 year hiatus due to Covid-19, it is back. Great news as we recover from the pandemic.

More good news. It is looking like Shearwater is back to producing their Perdix and Peregrine dive computers. They are working on the backlog and we should be seeing shipments soon unless there are more supply chain issues.

Researches have found about 60 million icefish nests in Antartica. Wow, that’s a lot of nexts.

Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive takes us to season 2, episode 12 – The Dam. This episode premiered on March 22, 1959. Mike is hired by a company to head underwater security for a new dam that was built in a subtropical country. The chief at the dam is not too happy to see Mike show up. Mike must foil an attempt to blow up the bridge. The chief’s right hand man, Fitch is in on the plot. Mike has to fight off a bad diver in a knife fight, and then content with Fitch and his spear gun. Mike saves the dam by foiling Fitch, Lalo and the other bad diver.