80. Your Next Dive takes us to the Antilla wreck in Aruba plus Wet Notes updates us on some news and information

The Florida Fish and Wildlife commission has approved a highly regulated goliath grouper harvest for the Spring of 2023.

The Cayman Islands continues to battle Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease. Progress is slow but the Caymans are leading the way.

Dive RAID International recently announced a new diver certification – The Indoor Diver.

Aggressor Adventure is launching a new liveaboard on April 9, 2022 – the Philippine Aggressor.

The price of raw aluminum spiked 25% last month and is up about 50% in the past year. We just don’t know where the price of aluminum scuba cylinders will end up.

If you are a professional first responder you can enter a drawing for a premium dry suit from Diving Underwater International (DUI).

Your Next Dive takes us to the wreck of the Antilla in Aruba. The Antilla was a German freighter that was scuttled just off the beach in Aruba at the beginning of World War II. This massive 400 foot shallow wreck is a must dive if you are in Aruba. The wreck is split in half around mid-ships and lays on it’s port side. Exploring the wreck is easy given the depth and warm temperature. We were fortunate to get in the water early and have the entire wreck to ourselves for the first part of the dive.