59. Wet Notes News and Information plus Sea Hunt – It’s Still Alive – The Invader

This time on Wet Notes I talk about an interesting new exhibit at The History of Diving Museum in Islamorado, a t-shirt design contest from Ikelite, an important scuba tank safety note from PSI-PCI, diving with a purpose on Lake Tahoe and more.

On this installment of Sea Hunt – It’s Still Alive I review The Invader. This episode is from season 3 and premiered July 30, 1960. In this episode Mike Nelson is in a small unnamed Latin American country where he is assigned to create an underwater demolition team. While he is completing his assignment, a revolution takes place, the President is abducted and Mike with his team (that includes a traitor) develop the plan to rescue El Presidente. Mike and Indio capture the traitor on their team and then attack the island where Mike armed with a small revolver captures the revolutionary leader and rescues the President. Mike gets his first medal from a foreign government.