60. Wet Note update on Stuart Cove’s, Stony Coral Tissue Disease in the Caymans plus What is the Jet-O-Sen?

In this installment of Wet Notes I talk a little bit about the new Stuart Cove location in Nassau, DAN tags, the spread of Stony Coral Tissue Disease (SCTD) on Grand Cayman, a new five-part series podcast from Hakai Magazine: The Sound Aquatic – The Ocean and the Anthropause and more.

What is the Jet-O-Sen? This is a vintage piece of scuba equipment developed by Jim Sawtelle in the early 1950s. The Jet-O-Sen was a quick release device for a scuba tank from the harness. Until the Jet-O-Sen, scuba tanks were bolted to the harness and difficult to release for transport or filling. Jim constructed the device our of aluminum bar stock and coated it with plastisol. There is a great article in the first quarter 2021 Journal of Diving History written by Jon Council.