58. Wet Notes News and Info plus Your Next Dive takes us to Curacao

On this installment of Wet Notes I provide some interesting information on some WW II bombs found off of Lanai, some plastic eating mushrooms, a proposal in Florida to open up a harvest of Goliath Grouper, an update on traveling to the Bahamas, and more.

This latest edition of Your Next Dive takes us to Curacao one of the ABC islands. If you visit Curacao you can opt to stay either on the west side of the island or closer to the city of Willemstad. If you stay closer to the city you have a couple of options – either Sunscape Resort or Lions Dive Beach Resort. Both have onsite dive operators – Ocean Encounters. An option for the west side is All West Apartments and dive with Go West Diving (formerly Ocean Encounters West). There is a signature wreck – the MV Superior Producer just outside of Willemstad. On the west side be sure to dive Mushroom Forest. If you go in October you can expect bottom temperatures around 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Curacao is open to US visitors with certain testing requirements.