40. Delayed Surface Marker Buoy, Plastic Bag Laws, and Sea Hunt – It’s Still Alive – Midget Submarine

We recently incorporated the delayed surface marker buoy adventure dive in our advanced open water class. Listen to our reasoning and how beneficial this was to both our students and instructors. Being able to deploy your surface marker buoy from depth is an important skill to have.

Plastic bag laws work. There are 8 states that currently have statewide plastic bag laws. These states are California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, New York, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. Every county in Hawaii have laws restricting use. There are also 500 local ordinances across 28 states. Unfortunately, there are 15 states that have preemptive laws that restrict local ordinances on restrictions. They won’t act statewide and prohibit any local laws to ban use. Plastic bag laws stop windblown litter, minimize impacts to the marine environment and improve waste management.

Midget Submarine is from season one of Sea Hunt and premiered on March 29, 1958. In this episode Mike is helping a friend with the check out of a midget submarine he is building. Mike is approached by a woman with a Russian accent – Maria Wenzel and she wants Mike to use the sub to rescue her father a Soviet scientist from a spy ship in the Pacific. Mike agrees and rescues John Wenzel from the Russian ship. This episode premiered in the middle of the cold war. Listen to hear all about Mike’s adventure.