39. Fen Johnson Part 3 – FENJOHN Company and the equipment he offered plus a discussion on World Ocean Observatory

ER Fenimore Johnson had a company named FENJOHN that build and sold underwater photography equipment along with a wide array of scuba diving equipment. The company was based out of Ardmore, PA. The 1954 catalog featured the FENJOHN Bantam 16mm underwater motion picture camera for the hefty price of $1990 ($19,010 in 2020 dollars). By 1956, the catalog had a lot more equipment listed. He was distributing for a number of companies. In an undated catalog from around 1961 or 1962, the catalog is expanded and is geared more toward the recreational diver. FENJOHN claim to be the worlds oldest and largest manufacturer of underwater photography equipment. ER Fenimore Johnson was a pioneer of underwater photography and an unsung hero of our diving history.

World Ocean Observatory (W20) is the realization of the work done in 1998 by the Independent World Commission on the Ocean formed by Mario Soares. The report called for an ocean observatory to be a focal point of communication for ocean-related information on the world wide web. The mission of W2O is to be the leading organization advocating for the health and sustainability through an accessible worldwide network of communications. Their new strategy – W2.0 will expand their mission beyond advocacy and into action. One of these initiatives is called Transforming the Blue Economy.