38. Fen Johnson Part 2: His work with the Navy UDT and Your Next Dive takes you to Dutch Springs in Bethlehem, PA

In 1948 LCDR Fenimore Johnson again uses his expertise in underwater photography to work with the Navy’s Underwater Demolition team. The Navy doesn’t really believe that the divers can do all the things they report that they are doing. That is where Fen Johnson comes in. He will document their work using both film and photographs. This ground-breaking work is the visual evidence the Navy needs to see that UDT divers can get in and out of a submarines, use a small submersible boat and also dive at night. Fen Johnson, Doc Lambertson and CDR Douglas Fane save the Navy’s Underwater Demolition team.

Dutch Springs in Bethlehem, PA is a limestone quarry created by the National Portland Cement Company. When the company went out of business the quarry flooded and created a 50 acre lake that was turned into a scuba diving recreational facility in 1980. The quarry reaches depths of up to 100 feet, has several training platforms, and many attractions at various depths. During normal years you can camp at Dutch Springs. There are two bath houses and a snack bar (currently not open due to Covid-19). Gear rental is available as are air fills. Nitrox 32 is not available this year. With plenty of places to stay and eat in the area, you can make a great weekend of diving at Dutch Springs.