33. Underwater comms for scuba divers, World Economic Forum Report – US #32, and Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive – Changing Patterns

Wireless underwater communications for scuba divers have come a long way since the 1970s. Today there are a number of options if you are ready to go the full-face mask route, whether it be an AGA, Spectrum, Kirby-Morgan, Guardian or G-Diver. Your options include the Ocean Reef GSM G-Diver, Divelink’s COM-FF or the OTS Buddy Phone – D2. They all operate with 1/2 watt power and can have ranges between 150 to 1500 feet depending on conditions. All have surface units available.

The 2020 World Economic Forum report on Fostering Effective Energy ranks the United States #32 out of 115 countries. The report measures energy system performance and the enabling environment for energy transition. The United States declined for the second year in a row. In 2019 we ranked #27. While our energy system performance stayed flat, we dropped 3% for our enabling environment for energy transition. Sweden ranks #1 while the UK ranks #7 and France is at #8. 94 countries improved.

Changing Patterns is from season 3 of Sea Hunt and it premiered on August 6, 1960. In this episode Mike is visiting his mentor Ben Craine who is a hard hat diver struggling as he gets older. A freighter has sunk that was captained by on of Ben’s friends. The captain and crew survived the sinking and now they turn to Ben to salvage the wreck. The wreck site is not conducive to hard hat diving. Mike tries to teach Ben scuba but he has difficulties with his ears. Ben is not deterred from trying to salvage the wreck using his hard hat. He gets into trouble and Mike must save Ben.