32. Emergency Action Plan, MarineBio and Your Next Dive takes you to Sunset House on Grand Cayman

Your Emergency Action Plan is an important part of your preparedness in the event of something going wrong. It consists of information regarding where you will be diving. Things like the location of hospitals, hyperbaric chambers, or other facilities. Your plan also should include equipment. Do you have a first-aid kit and is it up to date. Is your emergency oxygen kit in working order and do you know how to use it. You should also practice your EAP. Emergency Action Plans are not just for dive professionals. Everyone should have one.

MarineBio is an all volunteer non-profit of marine biologists, students, professors and conservation advocates used for sharing the wonders of the ocean realm, providing marine education, and tools for marine scientists. It is also a forum for communication. The main categories of information on the site include marine life, conservation, science and education. There is an extensive section on species of birds, fish, reptiles, seals, sharks and rays, squid and octopus, and whales and dolphins.

Sunset House in Grand Cayman is a fantastic place for a dive vacation. The diving is outstanding whether you are diving the house reef, the wall on the west side, the shallower reefs or the dive sites over on the south side. There is so much to see. The hotel rooms are neat, clean, well maintained. The dining is very good at either the Sea Harvest Restaurant or at My Bar. Downtown is just a 10 minute walk or short cab ride.