34. Let’s talk about save-a-dive kits and Healthways – an original scuba equipment provider

Every diver should have a save-a-dive kit and your kit should be tailored to your gear and your configuration. Every diver should have o-rings in their kit. Tank valve o-rings and hose o-rings are very important. You should have a spare mask strap but make sure it fits your mask. If you have replaceable fin straps – ensure you have the right ones. Additionally, you should carry a spare regulator mouthpiece preferably the same one that you are using. An air spool or swivel pin is another spare part for your kit; make sure it is the right one for your submersible pressure gauge. And be sure to carry some zip ties.

Remember your save-a-dive kit should also contain some tools to make the appropriate repairs. You should carry a small adjustable wrench, a small phillips head and flat head screwdriver, a set of allen or hex wrenches, a pair of needle nose pliers, and some silicone grease.

Healthways was one of the original five US scuba equipment manufacturers. It was started by Richard Klein and by 1954 Healthways was selling waterspouts equipment and obtain distribution rights for the LG Arpin DivAir regulator. In 1956, Healthways started to developed their own regulator and named it SCUBA. They also copyrighted the term SCUBA. The regulator was produced between 1957 and 1959. Healthways continued to develop their products including a scuba pack harness, the Scuba Star, Scubair, and something called the SnorkAir. By 1962, Healthways started to developed a line of professional equipment called ScubaPro. Healthways however went into bankruptcy in December 1962. Dick Bonin and Gustave DellaValle – who worked for Healthways bought ScubaPro from Healthways for $1.00 and started what we know today as the manufacturer ScubaPro.

Healthways survived bankruptcy, continued to make scuba equipment, was acquired by Eldon Industries and distributed their products to Sears and K-Mart into the 1970s. Somewhere along the way Healthways and Eldon Industries faded into history.