31. Dive Flags, EN-ROADS climate solution simulator, diving the Andrea Doria

A dive flag is a very important piece of your safety equipment especially when shore diving. A dive flag let’s boat traffic know that you are in the area. A flag must be within 50 feet of you and be able to be seen from 100 yards away. It should also be flying and 3 feet above the surface. You need to check out the specific regulations for where you are diving. You will need to be proficient in handling the dive flag underwater including keeping it within 50 feet and not allow it to drift too far behind or pull it underwater. 

EN-ROADS stands for Energy Rapid Overview and Decision Support and is a climate solutions simulator. It was created by Climate Interactive and allows you to adjust up to 18 parameters to see the impacts on global warming. You can adjust coal use, energy efficiency, renewables and carbon removal. It is easy to use and very informative. It shows that we have a lot of work to do to slow down or reverse climate change.

Deep Descent by Kevin F. McMurray is a book that covers diving on the Andrea Doria. In the book, Kevin relays a story about an incident that took place in July 1985. During her dive to the wreck Sally Wahrmann was crashed into by another diver and was plummeted into the wreck to a depth of 250 feet and had her masked knocked off. I talked to Sally at the Boston Sea Rovers show and we had a chance to discuss the incident. It was a pleasure to chat with Sally. Check out Deep Descent.