Scuba Shack Radio #23 – 1-12-2020

In this episode we discuss the PADI referral process, the North Atlantic Right Whale, and another installment of Sea Hunt – It’s Still Alive.

If you live in a part of the country or the world where it gets cold in the winter you might not think you can still learn to scuba dive. You can by doing something called a referral. Essentially, you do your confined water training with your local dive shop in a warm pool and then go someplace warm for your open water certification dives. Work with your local dive shop to set up the referral, make sure all of the paper work is in order and to understand what you will experience when you arrive. Better yet, travel with your local dive shop to someplace warm to get your open water scuba diver certification.

The North Atlantic right whale is one of the most endangered species on the planet. With only 400 to 450 of the whales left, they are experiencing low birth rates coupled with unusually high mortality rates. Since 2017 there have been only 12 births while there have been 30 deaths. The North Atlantic right whale is threatened by entanglement, vessel strikes and noise pollution. You can learn more about this whale from the following sites –

For this installment of Sea Hunt – It’s Still Alive, I review an episode from season 3 – Pirate Gold. In this episode, Mike is in the Bahamas working for a construction company creating a new channel to a marina. The story is about a boy who is scuba diving with his friend trying to find pirate gold. The boys find some dynamite before going diving, set the timer and go diving. While diving, one of the boys gets trapped underwater because of a blast. The other boy (Jeff Bridges) goes for help. That help is Mike who saves Joey after many challenges.