Scuba Shack Radio #22 12-29-19

In this episode we discuss Sink the Stink, 4Ocean, and Your Next Dive takes you to Atlantis Dive Resort in Dumaguete Philippines.

Sink the Stink is our go to product for cleaning our neoprene wetsuits and boots. The product is based on technology developed by Bob Denton based on work he had been doing for the oil and gas industry to remove contaminants using bacteria. As an avid diver Bob realized that there was an application for using bacteria to clean wetsuits. The technology is based on good bacteria in Sink the Stink eating the bad bacteria in the neoprene that causes the bad smell. A little bit of Sink the Stink goes a long way in cleaning your gear. Check out Sink the Stink.

4Ocean is a global organization based on optimism with a single purpose of ending the ocean plastic crisis by cleaning the ocean and coastline and stopping the inflow of plastic by changing consumption habits. It was founded by two friends – Andrew Cooper and Alex Shulze who were disappointed with the amount of plastic they encountered on a trip to Bali. Their response was to establish a business model where they would sell bracelets and pledge to remove one pound of trash for each product purchased. It is not a non-profit organization and does not accept donation. 4Ocean is a making a difference. Find out more at

The Atlantis Dive Resort in Dumaguete is located about 300 miles south of Manila – a short 1 hour flight from Manila to Dumaguete. The resort is located on a private beach in Dauin – 30 – 40 minute ride from the airport. The rooms are very nice with either a king size or two queen beds, a couch and desk. Some rooms have double sinks with a walk in shower. Toko Restaurant is where you will take your three meals featuring an ala carte breakfast followed by a blackboard menu for lunch and dinner featuring soup, salad, up to four entrees and dessert. The diving is close to the resort with 10 minute boat rides. The biodiversity is outstanding. With trips to Apo Island to see amazing coral diversity and Oslob on Cebu to snorkel with whale sharks you won’t be disappointed. We are looking forward to our trip in 2021.