24. Travel Insurance, Wind Power in the US and Scott Carpenter – Astronaut and Aquanaut

In this episode we discuss dive travel insurance, the current state of wind power, and Scott Carpenter – Astronaut and Aquanaut.

Who doesn’t like a great scuba diving trip? As we know, we need to plan our trips well in advance and in many cases make a significant investment. Things happen and we should really protect that investment with trip insurance. There are a number of products out there to insure your dive travel. Divers Alert Network and DiveAssure offer a variety of products that cover single trips or annual trip insurance. You can check out these options on their websites.



2019 was the 2nd warmest year on record. No doubt that carbon dioxide is contributing. Wind power is a great option to help reduce emissions. You can gain a great deal of information on the state of wind power in the United States at the American Wind Energy Association web site. https://www.awea.org In 2018 wind energy reduced 201 million metric tons of carbon dioxide avoided the equivalent of taking 42.7 million cars off the road. Wind energy is part of the solution.

Scott Carpenter was one of the original Mercury 7 astronauts and he was also a pioneer aquanaut. His book that he co-authored with his daughter details his journey. He joined George Bond as part of the Navy’s saturation diving program and participated in both the Sealab I and Sealab II projects. His 30 days underwater on Sealab II was a record for living underwater. After his diving career was finished he rejoined NASA and was instrumental in the development of underwater training to simulate being weightless. Scott Carpenter was a true American hero.