Scuba Shack Radio #10 – 7-21-19

In this episode we discuss boat bags, IUNC Red List,, and the movie that inspired Sea Hunt –  Underwater Warriors

Once you get to your dive destination and are ready to go to the dive boat you will want a boat bag to get all of your gear to and from the boat. Two options are the Akona Delux Mesh Duffel and the Akona Delux Mesh Backpack. Both bags are durable, pack nicely for your trip, and make hauling your gear to the boat practical.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUNC) Red List of threatened species is now over 100,000 species. Sadly, no species improved their status during the recent reporting period. Many turtles and sharks are on the endangered list. For more information, use the links below.

Underwater Warriors is the movie that inspired Sea Hunt. The movie was released in 1958 and was produced by Ivan Tors. It is based on the book by CDR Frances Fane – a pioneer with the Navy’s Underwater Demolition Team. The movie traces the evolution of the UDT from swimmer, to rebreather diver, to open circuit aqualung diving. The movie stars Dan Daily and Ross Martin. Zale Parry of Sea Hunt fame is also featured.