Scuba Shack Radio #9 – 7-7-19

In this episode we discuss why buying a regulator from your local dive shop matters, bamboo and global warming, and the World Recreational Scuba Training Council

Regulators are a critical piece of your dive gear and represent a significant investment. As we all know, there are a lot of options for purchasing online. Why not buy your regulator online? Well for one thing, brand new regulators are shipped in a box and not assembled. Unless you are comfortable and capable of properly assembling your new regulator, you are taking a risk. When you buy from your local dive shop, the regulator will be properly assembled and more importantly tested to ensure the adjustments are proper. Don’t leave it to chance. Your local dive shop can compete on price plus adds the value of personalized service.

Bamboo is technically a grass that can be an important cog in the climate change battle. With its incredible ability to sequester carbon along with its compressive and tensile strength it is one of the most versatile plants on earth. Bamboo can be used to replace high emission material like cotton, plastic, steel, aluminum and concrete. Bamboo grows readily on degraded or abandoned land and if we increase our acreage by 37 million, this plant can take 7.22 gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere. The links below provide more detail.

The World Recreational Scuba Training Council or WRSTC is dedicated to world-wide safety of recreational scuba. They produce the minimum standards for training agencies. There are four different components. RTSC for the US, RTSC Europe, RTSC Canada and RTSC Japan. RTSC US is based out of Stuart FL and has 9 member training agencies. PADI is one of those agencies. They publish their standards on their website. It might make for some interesting reading.