104. Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive – Mr. Guinea Pig plus Wet Notes New, Information and Commentary

Dr. Alex Brylske has teamed up with Divestures to deliver a series of six presentations called Oceans Update. The first presentation was on January 25, 2023 – Secrets of the Coral Reefs. Next up is Understanding Coral Reef Fishes and it will be held on February 22, 2023. Find out more and register at https://www.diventures.com/oceans-update/

Over the holidays a cruise ship from Australia, the Coral Princess was bound for New Zealand when they were delayed due to an infestation of snails. The ship required cleaning before it was permitted to enter New Zealand. They take invasive species seriously down under.

The Coral Restoration Foundation in Key Largo is accepting applications for their Spring/Summer 2023 internship program. You can check out all the requirements for application. The deadline is February 24, 2023.

The SECONN Skin Divers New England Wreck Symposium is scheduled for March 4, 2023. Tickets are available on their website. Registration starts at 8:30 with the first presentations starting at 9:00 am.

Should there be quality standards of some sort for dive shop business operations? Why not? We have standards for training and safety but business operations can vary significantly across dive shops. There are a number of examples of where poor business operations give the entire industry a black eye. Returning customer phone calls, emails and messages is essential. Keeping a schedule is critical. Getting gear serviced in a timely manner is necessary. I believe quality standards for dive shop business operations are just as important as the standards we set for our training and safety.

Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive takes us back to season 1, episode 7 of Sea Hunt – titled – Mr. Guinea Pig. In this episode Mike is engaged in research on improving skin divers lung capacity when he is approached to help an old flame. Jennie is trying to get a job as an underwater photo journalist. Problem is – Jennie is a bad diver. Mike doesn’t want to help. Let’s just say, Mike relents and decides to help Jennie, who gets into trouble underwater. Bottom line, Mike’s research on increasing divers lung capacity pays off.