103. We take a look at Emperors of the Deep by William McKeever plus Wet Notes News, Information and Commentary

The Driftnet Modernization and Bi-catch Reduction Act was included in the 2023 spending bill and signed into law by President Biden. This law will help protect marine life from this destructive fishing method.

If you want to see the boat used in Sea Hunt, then head out to the Long Beach Scuba Show in June. The Argonaut (Five Sea Sons) is the Trojan Sea Breeze boat built for the final season of Sea Hunt. Find out more at argonautwm2050.com

If you are looking to learn more about diving here in New England, check out the expanded website from Maura Keane – iDiveNewEngland.com

Shearwater Research has released an update to the firmware for the Perdix 2, Petrel and Teric dive computers. The Perdix 2 and Petrel are at V95 while the Teric is at V23. If you own a Perdix or Perdix AI, make sure you are at V93. The Peregrine is at V86.

One of the major challenges facing scuba shops is access to pools for training. Each dive shop must try to solve this issue alone. We must seek out, convince aquatic centers that we are a valuable customer and then contract at a reasonable rate. This continues to get harder. Is there an opportunity for the industry to address this challenge collectively. Maybe. Perhaps the various training agencies could leverage their influence to engage nationally with large pool operators, like maybe the YMCA, to make more pools accessible to dive centers.

Emperors of the Deep by William McKeever takes us on a journey of discovery about sharks following his witnessing a destructive shark tournament that he describes as a murder scene. McKeever focuses on four major shark species to learn more about sharks. He learns about the great white, mako, hammerhead and tiger sharks. He seeks out experts from around the world to understand shark physiology, behavior and their habitats. From there, McKeever then moves to the perils facing sharks. The human perils of destructive fishing methods, shark finning, and shark tournaments. The final part of Emperors of the Deep we are introduced to those individuals who are dedicated to protecting sharks. He completes his two-year journey by diving with great white sharks off South Africa.