94. Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive takes us to season 2 for The Raft plus Wet Notes News and Information Updates

The Beaufort Gyre is a whirlpool in the Arctic that stores fresh water, sea ice and heat as it rotates. Every five to ten years the current changes direction and releases this sea ice and fresh water into the North Atlantic. There is an issue. It hasn’t reversed in over twenty years. When it finally does release, there will be greater impacts to Europe and the North Atlantic fisheries.

NOAA’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Blueprint calls for the elimination of shark feeding. This ban does not impact those who chum for catching sharks. DEMA opposes this ban.

Lake Hydra (the rebranded Dutch Springs in Bethlehem, PA) has release more information on diving at the Lake Hydra. You will only be able to dive there with a dive professional that is insured. The plan is to open in April 2023 and more details about their reservation system will be release later.

According to an article in Hakai Magazine by Jea Morris, beach showers are sending a flood of harmful contaminates into the ocean. These showers are not connected to municipal sewers and dump all of their runoff into the sea.

At the upcoming DEMA Show, Tec Clark is moderating a panel discussion on the Power of Podcasting as it is related to the dive industry. I have been asked by Tec to be part of his panel.

Sea Hunt’s 1959 second season ended with the episode titled – The Raft. In this episode, Mike is called to blow up a wreck that is containing high explosive that propose a significant danger. Mike must find the highly volatile explosives, secure them, and finally detonate them. Mike dives doubles and then needs to free dive into the wreck to complete his mission. But danger abounds as he tries to escape the ultimate explosion.