84. Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive takes us to season 3 with Cindy plus Wet Notes News and Information Update

DEMA has released the results of their survey related to opening up the DEMA Show to consumers. The survey results indicated that 62% of respondents were opposed so the board has decided that the show will remain exclusively a trade show.

Some Hawaii business have brought a lawsuit against the US government on their regulation that bans swimming with spinner dolphins.

Lake Mead is at a record low. The 1971 water intake valve is now exposed. More evidence of the impacts of climate change.

Ocean Reef, the maker of full-face masks for scuba divers has released a new dive light for their mask. It is called the Vesper.

The Coral Restoration Foundation is well ahead of schedule on their out planting of boulder coral. They are already over 50% of the way toward their 2022 goal.

Dutch Springs in Bethlehem, PA will be opening on May 12, 2022 on a rolling three-week schedule while the final agreement is reached. One last hurrah for Dutch Springs.

In this installment of Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive, I take you back to season 3 episode 18 titled Cindy. Cindy premiered on May 7, 1960. In this episode, a little girl, Cindy has fallen down an abandoned air shaft. The old mine is underwater of the man-made lake. Mike tries to get to Cindy but reaches a dead-end and is trapped as the ceiling crashes down on him. He escapes with one last breath and heads to the surface.

There is another way to get in. Mike and his partner Tom head back underwater. They find the air shaft and rescue Cindy.