83. NASA Climate Change Newsletter reports places will be too hot to live plus Wet Notes News and Information Updates

Are you a dive watch junkie – check out the new book on vintage dive watches.

Want to visit a private island resort – Scuba Diving Magazine lists some really cool places to visit.

The Bonaire Bond is a pledge you can take to protect the reefs in Bonaire and help them plant more corals.

Stream2Sea is stepping up again – they are making a donation for every tube of mineral safe sunscreen they sell to Reef Renewal.

If you are looking for some summer reading about the ocean, check out Katie Hogge’s blog post on the Ocean Conservancy website.

The NASA website on climate change you can subscribe to a monthly newsletter related to climate change. It is easy to find at climate.nasa.gov.

In the April issue you can read an article titled Too Hot to Handle – How climate change may make some places too hot to live. You can learn about wet-bulb temperature and how it impacts humans.

Heat stress continues to be a leading cause of weather related deaths in the US.