76. Dark Descent by Kevin F. McMurray takes us diving on the Empress of Ireland plus Wet Notes gives us some timely updates

The New England Wreck Symposium has been rescheduled to March 26, 2022 due to the current Covid-19 spike.

Gray Quarry in Gray, TN used an aerating system to make it into a diving destination.

Dutch Springs in Bethlehem, PA may be open to reservation-only diving in 2022.

Beware of stolen Shearwater computers. Seems like a number of these high-end dive computers were stolen from dive shops using bad credit cards. Only buy from a certified dealer.

Virtual Divers International (VDI) and Scuba Schools International (SSI) have announce a partnership.

Good news on the North Atlantic Right Whales. To date, the New England Aquarium reports that 11 calves have been born this season.

Dark Descent by Kevin F. McMurray details diving on the Empress of Ireland wreck in the Saint Lawrence Seaway. The Empress of Ireland sank in 1914 claiming the lives of over 1000 people. After salvage operations in 1914, the wreck was unvisited until five friends decided to find the wreck in 1964. From there, Kevin takes us through the various twists and turns and politics that surrounded the wreck. He tells us how he first did a dive on the Empress of Ireland in 1971 while attending Syracuse University and that he knew he would need to return.

In 2002, Kevin ran an expedition to the Empress of Ireland. He details this unique experience and then tells us about the expedition he conducted in 2003.