75. Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive takes us to season 4 for PT Boat plus Wet Notes covers virtual diving, a shipwreck symposium and more.

Virtual Divers International has released a virtual dive program that touts training divers at all levels. Available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

The Maldives Manta Research Expedition explored the northern part of the Maldives where they studied the manta population back in October. The first two episodes detailing the results are on YouTube.

The SECONN Skin Divers and UCONN Avery Point Scuba Club are hosting a New England Wreck Symposium on January 29, 2022. It will be at the UCONN Avery Point campus in Groton, CT. You can get your tickets at the SECONN website.

Aqualung issued a recall notice for Calypso 1st Stage regulators (both Yoke and DIN) due to a quality control issue. Approximately 1545 regulators were impacted, so check with your local dive shop to see if yours might be subject to a recall.

Here is a feel good dive story from Wyoming. A scuba diver was able to recover a very sentimental fly fishing rod from the depths of a reservoir.

Sea Hunt – It’s Still Alive takes us to season 4 episode 34 titled “PT Boat”. This episode takes place in Nassau where Mike is helping a millionaire inventor, Ken Calway, to develop an underwater controller for boats and ships. After having success with their first try, Mike enjoys three days of fun in the sun in Nassau with Ken’s sister – Linda. As Mike and Linda are having fun, we find that Ken has gotten into trouble. He bought a PT boat, installed the controller and wrecked the PT boat on the reef. Turns out someone moved the underwater controller so that the boat would crash on the reef in the hopes that they could steal the device worth multi-millions. Mike has to catch the bad guys. Another underwater fight scene where Mike prevails and gets the girl in the end.