29. Dive Lights, the Plastic Redesign Initiative, and Your Next Dive takes us to Turks and Caicos where we’ll dive with Dive Provo

In this episode we discuss dive lights, the Plastic Redesign Initiative, and Your Next Dive takes us to Turks and Caicos where we will dive with Dive Provo.

If you are going to do night dives you will need a good dive light. My choice for a primary dive light is the Light and Motion Solo 800 S/F. The Solo is a hand-mounted light with a spot and flood capability. In the flood mode you will get 70 minutes of burn time with 800 lumens. If you go to the spot mode you will get 500 lumens. You can set power at ¼, ½ or full power. Other options include the Light and Motion Gobe 500, the XS Scuba LT100, or LT 350/360 micro USB. UK also has several options including the SL3 or the Mini-Q40Mk 2.

The Ocean Foundation is sponsoring a project called The Redesigning Plastic Initiative. This project is in collaboration with The Plastic Pollution Coalition and The Break Free from Plastic Coalition. This project is tackling this project from a manufacturing standpoint. Consumers can only do so much with recycling. The project wants to get to production based solutions. They want to phase out products that are unnecessary and unrecyclable.

Dive Provo is located on Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos. Their dive shop is in the Gracebay area and they operate three dive boats from the Turtle Cove Marina and the Caicos Marina and Shipyard. Two of the dive boats are 36 foot Newtons; the third boat is a 36 foot Jardine and Sewell. Most of the diving is wall diving starting at about 45 feet. Nitrox certainly provides an advantage. With clear warm water you’ll get to do swim throughs with abundant fish life. If you stay at Ports-of-Call right next to the dive shop there is a grocery store right across the street and there are a number of places to eat that are within walking distance