How does Scuba Shack Radio rate a dive destination?

As scuba divers we are a very fortunate group. We are able to travel to some fantastic diving locations and experience an environment that too few people have the opportunity to see. The location and environment can be outstanding but you may not get the experience you desire. There are a number of factors that play into how your dive trip will really work out. So, what are those factors to consider? I have developed my personal list for your consideration. Here they are: 

  1. The Diving
  2. The Dive Operator 
  3. The Dive Boats 
  4. The Lodging 
  5. The Food 
  6. Getting There 
  7. The Convenience 
  8. Overall Value 

You can take each of these criteria and rate them individually. For example, I like to use a fivepoint scale to evaluate each area with a one being the lowest rating. Once you’ve given each item a score, simply tally up the average. You can then set your own mark for whether you’d recommend a dive destination and operator. It not perfect and still a bit subjective – just putting out there for you to consider. 

In future blog posts, I will give you the Scuba Shack Radio top 10 dive destinations/operators from my personal experience. There is a great deal of subjectivity in rating. If your favorite dive location/operation isn’t on my list, I just may not have gotten there yet.