138. Is the dive industry at an inflection point?

Innovation, technology, and market forces can drive inflection points for business or industries. Inflection points are times of significant change and transformation is necessary for sustainability and growth. Whether it be new training models, like subscription-based learning or new products that create inventory challenges for small dive shops, these changes are signals of an inflection point. Local dive shops remain a key pillar in the creation of new divers and as more close, are we creating dive shop deserts? Listen for more of my perspective on this topic.

Wet Notes provides updates on

  • Aluminum cylinder laser engraving
  • A dive mask with wiper blades
  • The new Shearwater Peregrine TX
  • NOAA’s “State of the Stock” report
  • Another right whale entanglement
  • NovoScuba – a new subscription-based dive training agency