124. Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive – Man Overboard plus Wet Notes News, Information and Commentary

PADI AWARE Foundation has updated the Project AWARE Specialty course to be the PADI AWARE Specialty and includes electronic learning along with a take action workshop that you complete with your PADI Instructor of dive shop.

How much trash is in the ocean? Ocean Conservancy recently published a blog post – let’s just say it is way too much.

Fourth Element has released another new product – the Seeker mask. This mask has two objectives – provide a near natural field of vision and fit almost everyone. It comes in three colors Deep Blue, Gray, or Black. The single window mask comes with either a clarity or contrast option.

The November issue of Scuba Diving Magazine is out and features the readers choices for diving destinations and operations. Over 13K people responded to the survey.

The Emperor Echo – a liveaboard dive boat in the Red Sea recently was blown onto the reef at Fury Shoals where it suffered irreparable damage to the hull. Fortunately everyone was evacuated safely.


On our recent trip to the Philippines, I witnessed just how bad and big of a problem trash entering the ocean can be. Overnight, the water right in front of the resort was inundated with an incredible amount of trash. This happened because of heavy rains in the mountains that washed the trash into the river that dumped all this disgusting debris right in front of our hotel. The next day it was gone. It wasn’t cleaned up – it just moved. Unfortunately, this is not isolated to this area – it is something that happens world-wide. While it seems to be an insurmountable problem, we can take small steps by ensuring that we manage our own waste responsibly.

Man Overboard was the final episode of season 3 of Sea Hunt. In this episode, Mike is called to search for a man overboard from a pleasure craft – the Sea Dragon. Gwen Hardy’s husband has gone missing and her sister Lola and Gwen’s friend Lee Bottom tell us he went over the side. Mike cannot find him even though the area is easy to search. Mike is then hired by an insurance investigator – George Emerson, to investigate the missing person. This episode has it all – a big spear gun, underwater chase, an underwater fight, man-eating vines and an improvised snorkel made from Mike’s double hose regulator. Mike saves the insurance company a cool quarter million dollars – a lot of money in 1960.