108. Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive – The Persuaders plus Wet Notes news, information and commentary

Beneath the Sea scuba show made its return after a four year hiatus in Secaucus, NJ on March 25 and 26. The show brought together divers from around the northeast. The show featured training agencies, dive equipment providers and dive travel opportunities.

A bill was recently introduced in the Florida house to ban the release of balloons. If passed it would eliminate the release of all balloons and restrict the release of those labeled eco-friendly as well.

The most recent PADI Club Speakers series featured Tec Clark. The speakers series is a benefit that is only available to PADI Club members.

If you need another reason to be a DAN member and purchase their accident insurance, check out the DAN Was There for Me article in Divers Alert Network.

The REEF Act (Reusing Equipment for Environmental Fortification) is a bi-partisan bill introduced to direct the Secretary of the Navy to notify Congress of pending retirements of any naval vessel that is a viable candidates for artificial reefing. There is also a companion bill in the Senate.

Commentary –

Here in the northeast we tout the value of diving a drysuit. We take time to educate our customers on the different aspect of a drysuit. It is a significant investment for our clients both financially and in time and training. It takes time for them to commit and then once they commit we are facing significant lead time on delivery. These lead times could be as long as 18 weeks. Listen for my perspective

Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive reviews an episode from season 2 – The Persuaders. In this episode Mike is forced to work for two “business men” who are really narcotics dealers. They need Mike to dive and retrieve a canister of drugs worth half a million dollars. Mike is in a no win situation. He decides to destroy the narcotics and try to out fox the business men.