99. Discover Scuba – hear what I think plus Wet Notes news and information update

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) recently agreed to strict new import and export regulations on over 50 species of sharks. Great news for these apex predators.

The scent is back in Sink the Stink. The new 40% stronger version is our go-to wetsuit and neoprene cleaner with the clean, fresh scent.

Oceanic has released their dive computer app for the Apple Watch Ultra. Their app turns the watch into a fully compatible dive computer. There is also a companion iPhone app. The Oceanic+ app is a fee based app that range from a daily rate, monthly, or annual. There is also a family plan. Oceanic will also be releasing a housing to take you iPhone underwater and display the computer.

The bell from the Great Lakes shipwreck, GP Griffen, a passenger steamer that sank in 1850 has been donated to the National Museum of the Great Lakes in Toledo, OH. The bell is the only thing that is left from the wreck and was found in 1974 by a local diver, Louis Key. Key’s family donated the bell.

On December 14, 2022 I will be participating in a panel discussion on A Dram of Diving. This will be an encore of our panel discussion from DEMA that was hosted by Tec Clark. The live event will be on Facebook and Youtube starting at 7:30 eastern time.

Last month on A Dram of Diving they had a discussion on the experiential scuba programs – like discover scuba or try scuba. The discussion centered around the risk and value of the program. The risk was centered around the level of professional conducting the program. As a PADI dive shop, we routinely conduct Discover Scuba Programs. If done correctly, with properly trained and certified professionals, the program is valuable to our industry.