90. Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive takes us to season one for The Shipwreck plus Wet Notes New and Information Update

Stream2Sea has been named the number one reef-safe eco-friendly sunscreen by Rolling Stone Magazine for the second year in a row.

Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institute’s president Peter de Monocal recently penned an op-ed piece in the Boston Globe title “Turning the Tide Against Climate Change.”

The NOAA Administrator – Dr. Richard Spinrad has affirmed the ban on swimming with dolphins in Hawaii. This ban is known as the approach rule and should put an end to the lawsuit being filed on the validity of the ban.

Dutch Springs in Bethlehem, PA has closed, but it is being resurrected as Lake Hydra. It will be exclusively for scuba diving and should be up and running by mid-April 2023. Great news for northeast diving.

iDiveNewEngland.com is a new website by Maura Keene that is a great reference site for all things diving in New England. Maura has done a great job compiling a wealth of information.

Shameless plug for my upcoming Boston Sea Rover’s workshop – You Can Do It – Writing and Publishing Your First Book.

The Shipwreck finds Mike adrift in a life raft with three other shipwreck survivors off the coast of Baja. It is a fight for survival as Mike uses all his experience as a Navy UDT diver to save the group.