71. Your Next Dive takes us to Pompano Beach plus Wet Notes covers Osborne Reef, Alert Diver Magazine and More

Dan and Betty Orr have a new ebook titled “101 Tips for Scuba Divers”. You can get it online at Apple Book Store, Amazon or wisediver.com for $9.99.

The Shearwater Peregrine computer is currently on back order. The delays may last until early January 2022.

Alert Diver from Divers Alert Network is combining their third and fourth quarter edition. It should be hitting the streets in mid-November.

4Ocean is cleaning up a section of Osborne Reef. In the 1970s, just off Ft. Lauderdale over two million tires were placed in the ocean to create an artificial reef. The tires are now tearing up the reefs and 4Ocean has obtained a permit to cleanup a 34 acre area just north of the reef. It is being funded by the 4Ocean Osborne Reef Bracelet.

Stuart Cove is back with some new installments of Last Man Diving.

Your Next Dive takes us to Pompano Beach where we do some diving with South Florida Diving Headquarters. It is easy to get to Pompano Beach by flying into Ft. Lauderdale Airport and taking a short ride to Pompano. Staying at the Sands Harbor Resort in the same marina as the dive shop. The rooms are what you’d expect for a hotel that does cater to divers. South Florida Diving Headquarters operates several boats. Be prepared to potentially go out with a partner dive boat. We did one day of diving with Scuba Tyme. The diving off of Pompano was excellent. There were some great wrecks and healthy reefs. With great visibility and warm temperatures, it was great to get back in the water. Listen to the podcast for more information on the diving operation.