68. Wet Note updates The Dive Locker Podcast, Sea Life smartphone housing and more, plus Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive and the Diplomatic Pouch

Scuba Shack Radio is proud to now be the Vurbl Ambassador for Scuba Diving. We are proud to gain this designation. Check us out at Scuba Shack Radio and please consider subscribing.

Congratulations to Tec Clark and The Dive Locker Podcast on celebrating their 2nd anniversary. The Dive Locker podcast is a weekly podcast for dive professionals but is very relevant to all divers. Tec also hosts a podcast called The League of Extraordinary Divers. Please check out both. Scuba Shack is a proud patron of The Dive Locker.

Another message in a bottle story. This time a bottle was found in Hawaii after being tossed in the ocean in 1984 from Japan. Wow!

Bad news from the Caymans – the borders will be closed until 2022.

DEMA has no plan for cancelling. It will be happening in Las Vegas in November.

You can take your smartphone underwater with the Sea Life Sport Diver Smartphone housing. Rated to 130 feet with a color filter and bluetooth enabled, you can travel light with this interesting piece of underwater camera gear.

Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive takes us back to season 3 episode 38 titled Diplomatic Pouch. Mike is back in a small Latin American country working with Paul Alexander trying to recover a diplomatic pouch from a wrecked US airplane. Problem is the country has been taken over by a dictator not friendly with the US. Mike and Paul must figure out a way to get the Diplomatic Pouch. How will Mike succeed? Listen to find out.