66. Wet Notes updates the fate of the Gulf Stream, Dutch Springs and more plus we review the book Descent Into Darkness

A study published by Niklas Boers from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research indicates that the Gulf Stream is on the verge of collapse. This would dramatically change the weather in North America and Europe – making it colder. Additionally there would be sea level rise, disruption of the monsoon patterns and impacts to the Amazon rainforest and Antarctic ice sheet.

Do you miss Dive Training Magazine? Word from Catherine Castle Garcia is that they are hoping to be publishing again in the fourth quarter of 2021. Looking forward to a new edition coming soon.

The Boston Sea Rovers annual show is still on track for October 2 and 3, 2021.

Here is the latest update on Dutch Springs. Last week the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission reviewed the plans. They were not supportive of the plan but there may be little that can be done to stop the proposed warehouse development. PADI also has developed a white paper outlining the economic benefit that Dutch Springs generates as a diving venue. The developer is working with local officials to “offload” the quarry but not sure exactly how this would work.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, a team of Navy divers was tasked with the salvage efforts for the US Pacific Fleet. The book Descent Into Darkness by Commander Edward C. Raymer is a memoir of one of these divers who spent most of the war working on the salvage efforts on all of the battleships damaged at Pearl Harbor. Commander Raymer also spent about eight months in the South Pacific doing salvage operations in the Solomon Islands. This book provides a great insight into the courage and stamina that these men exhibited doing a very difficult task.