64. Wet Notes update on Alert Diver, the Cayman’s opening plan and more plus Your Next Dive takes us to St. Thomas

The 2nd quarter 2021 edition of Alert Diver Magazine from Divers Alert Network (DAN) is out. A great publication packed with so much great information. You can learn about shallow water arterial gas embolism, and travel to Roatan. You can also read about the Flower Garden Banks and Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuaries. It is a cover-to-cover read.

The Cayman Islands are still not open to tourists at this time but they have put forth a five phase plan for reopening. The next milestone is September 9, 2021 when they will open for vaccinated tourists to enter with some restrictions but only if 80% of the island’s population is vaccinated. If that is achieved then by October 14, 2021 the plan is to admit vaccinated visitors without quarantine restrictions.

Great news out of Washington, D.C. – the US Senate passed the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act of 2021 with a vote of 68 to 34. With bi-partisan support and sponsorship the bill is now with the US House of Representatives where hopefully it will make its way to President Biden for his signature protecting these apex predators.

On this installment of Your Next Dive we will be heading to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands – no passport necessary. You can get in some great diving. If you like wrecks there is the Wit Shoal, Miss Opportunity or the Kennedy Barge. For reefs you can experience Sprat Point or Amando’s Paradise. With water temperatures in the mid 80s and visibility between 60 to 100 feet you won’t be disappointed. As for dive shops you might check out Admiralty Dive Center.

Take a tour of the island and head to Mountaintop for a fantastic view and the world famous banana daiquiri. Some good places to eat include the Green House, Glady’s Cafe or Coco Beach Club.