62. Wet Notes updates REEF Fest 2021, Olympus cameras, manatees and more, plus Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive – The Hero

REEF Fest 2021 is scheduled October 14 through October 17, 2021. Four great dives of activities – diving, kayaking, seminars, workshops, and social gatherings. Activities are also scheduled at John Pennekamp State Park, the Coral Restoration Foundation, the History of Diving Museum and the Florida Key Wild Bird Center.

Olympus cameras are still available. A new company OM Digital Solution is producing the Olympus cameras, binoculars, and audio gear. You can check them out at getolympus.com.

Some sobering news on Florida manatees. As of June 4, 2021 the mortality rate of the manatees is up 151%. So far this year 782 have already died. The record number for an entire year is 824. The cause is simply starvation. The sea grass is being killed off by over saturation of nutrients. Calls are going out to place the manatee back on the endangered list.

Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive takes us back to season 1 episode 26 – The Hero. In this episode, Mike is employed by a millionaire to teach him and his wife to dive so he can hunt big sharks and giant squid. Just who is the hero. It turns out to be the millionaire, Elliot Conway played by none other than Larry Hagman for Dallas and I Dream of Jeannie fame.