56. Wet Notes update on Seaspiracy, Luxfer & more plus Sea Hunt – It’s Still Alive – The Alcatraz Story

On this episode of Wet Notes I give you an update on Seaspiracy, how scientists are using fin whale songs to map the ocean, the sale of the Luxfer US plant to Metal Impact, a potential new artificial reef in Florida and more.

On this edition of Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive we review The Alcatraz Story. This episode premiered on January 4, 1959. This time Mike is in San Francisco. He is hired to teach two brothers how to scuba dive. They claim to be abalone fishermen but there is more to that story. They are trying to spring their brother from Alcatraz by using scuba gear. Mike finds them out, hitches an underwater ride on their boat and has two underwater fights with the brothers. Some great underwater action.