54. Wet Notes news and information, and Part 1 of The Project Sealab 1 Summary Report

On this edition of Wet Notes we give an update on Dive Training Magazine, when will the Caymans open, the fight against plastic pollution and a new Netflix documentary – Seasipiracy and more.

Part one of the Project Sealab 1 Summary Report will take you through the build up to the deployment of the Sealab habitat. The report was developed by the Office of Naval Research and published on June 14, 1965. The report is numbered ONR Report ACR-108. This 62 page report is filled with many of the details in getting the project up and running through the mission. Part one will take you up until the time that the aquanauts entered the habitat to start their 11-day mission. Part two will then take us through the mission, the findings and conclusions.