49. Maintaining your BCD, Oceanographic Magazine and Sea Hunt – It’s Still Alive at the Point of No Return

One of the ways you can ensure that your buoyancy compensating device (BCD) is operating properly is to  make sure that you properly clean and inspect the BCD after diving. First you will want to clean out your bladder. If you’ve been diving in salt water it is important that you drain and rinse out the bladder to avoid salt crystallization inside. Also, make sure that the over pressurization valve (OPV) is operating properly. Rinse your low pressure inflator valve to remove any salt residue or sand. Check the velcro and buckles for any issues. Properly cleaning and checking your BCD after diving is an important step to ensure you are ready for your next dive.

Oceanographic Magazine is a bi-monthly marine lifestyle magazine with a focus on ocean conservation, exploration and adventure. First published by CXD Media, Ltd in May 2018 they are currently up to issue 16. They donate 20% of their annual profits to marine conservation charities. Oceanographic Magazine partners with Project Aware and Blue Sphere Foundation. They also sell their magazine in Crew Clothing Company stores where they make a donation for every issue sold in the store. Each issue is 116 pages long with 16 pages of advertising leaving 100 pages for editorial content. Each magazine has incredible imagery and very readable articles. You can either subscribe for a physical copy or digital version.

Sea Hunt’s fourth season premiered on January 7, 1961 with an episode titled Point of No Return. In this episode Mike is working on a research project where is is living in an underwater habitat at 250 feet. The habitat is called a scuba sphere. Dottie Mayfield is a reporter who is onboard the Coast Guard cutter running the research in search of a Mike Nelson story . Well, problems come up during a tropical storm. A tank breaks loose in the sphere and renders the hatch inoperable. That means they can’t bring Mike up. Well, as the storm progresses the scuba sphere breaks free of the cable and settles on the bottom. Mike has to improvise in order to be saved. Listen to find out what Mike does.