27. What is SAC rate, the state of solar power in the US and Voit – an early scuba equipment manufacturer

In this episode we discuss SAC rate, the state of solar power in the US, and Voit – an early scuba equipment company.

Your surface air consumption (SAC) rate is an important consideration in planning and executing your dives. Your SAC rate tells you how much air you consume at the surface and when you are planning a dive you can determine the amount of gas you will use during that dive. It isn’t difficult to determine and with air integrated computers you can track your SAC rate real time during your dive.

Solar power contributes 71.3 GW of power or 2.4% of the energy produced in the US and can power 13.5 million homes. There are 2.2 million solar energy installations across the country. California leads the way producing 26.2 MW with 1 million installations. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) had a goal of taking solar energy to 20% by the end of the decade. Let’s hope we can get there.

Voit is a company that started in 1922 as a tire retreading company that moved into the manufacturing of athletic equipment – specifically with a patent for an all-rubber inflatable ball. They moved into a full line of scuba equipment in the 1950’s and were one of the first five manufactures in the US. Those five were – US Divers, Dacor, Healthways, Swimaster, and Voit. Voit provided all the equipment for Sea Hunt. Listen for more information on their early regulators.