Episode 15 – 9-22-19

In this episode we discuss the value of a log book, the Sea Turtle Conservancy, and motion sickness

I consider your log book as a very important piece of your dive gear. Unfortunately, the dive log is often neglected by divers. It is your dive diary. If you keep your dive log up-to-date you will be able to look back and relive those dives. You will know how the dive went, what you wore on the dive, the conditions and so much more. Be a conscientious diver and maintain your dive log. Listen to a couple of my dives from my dive log.

Sea turtles have been under threat for a very long time. The Sea Turtle Conservancy https://conserveturtles.org has been working to protect sea turtles since 1959. Originally the Sea Turtle Conservancy started as the Brotherhood of the Green Turtle in response to the book The Windward Road by Dr. Archie Carr. One of the threats currently faced by all sea turtles is artificial lighting. Listen for more information on how the Sea Turtle Conservancy is helping to address this problem.

For some divers boat diving is a challenge. It is a challenge because of motion sickness. We just don’t know why some people are prone to seasickness while other aren’t. There are several articles on the DAN website that discuss possible causes, medications and other remedies. A lot of great diving is done from dive boats. Hopefully if you suffer from motion sickness you will be able to find the best remedy for you.