Scuba Shack Radio – Episode 1 – 3-17-19

Welcome to the first episode of Scuba Shack Radio – a bi-weekly podcast in support of our mission of empowering individuals to venture underwater and to advocate for ocean health and sustainability.

In this episode we discuss dive computers, growing coral in Bonaire, Beneath the Sea in New Jersey, and some discussion on ocean conservation.

One thought on “Scuba Shack Radio – Episode 1 – 3-17-19

  1. My feedback:
    Congrats Jeff. Good program. Enjoyed the content. Since I heard the guitar riff, I expected the voice to sing, too.

    Audio is clear, though there appears to be a hum, at times, that tamps down the crispness of your voice. I don’t know enough about audio electronics to help diagnose the source problem.

    Thanks for the podcast production.

    I’m not sure what you want as to website info?

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